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Are you struggling to be happy, dealing with feelings such as sadness, anxiety or low self-esteem? Maybe life has got on top of you and you don’t know how to move forward. Or perhaps there are issues from your past that won’t go away, interfering with your present life. Do you feel stuck, stressed, depressed or not sure where to turn? We all go through difficult times, and it can sometimes be hard to make the first step to seek help. Maybe you’ve talked to friends or family, but they just don’t ‘get it’. Or perhaps there’s nobody you feel you can talk to about your concerns. Well, now might be the right time to take the first step and get in touch.
I offer a safe space to talk about things in more depth and understand them better. I will listen without judging and help you understand and resolve your difficulties in ways that work for you. I will encourage you and help you explore ways forward at your pace, so you can start to feel happier and stronger. I work with adults in person in central Newtown (Thu) and central Oswestry (Mon) as well as online with individuals anywhere in the UK (Mon to Wed). (Sorry, I don’t work with couples or people under 21 yrs.)
It’s important that you find the right counsellor for you. To help you make the right choice, I can offer an initial 30-minute *online* session for free. Contact me by email or phone to meet up without obligation.
We can only bottle up our feelings for so long before they overflow. Anxiety, Anger, Stress and Sadness

About me

Gail Dean

Since my early 20s, I’ve enjoyed training in different counselling and holistic therapies that treat the whole person, at first purely out of interest, but increasingly with the purpose of working in this area myself.

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Take a look at my FAQs page where I have provided the answers to some of my most commonly asked queries.

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